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The Dismissal of the $100 Million Lawsuit: Exploring the Impact of the Niemann vs. Carlsen Case on Chess


The recent dismissal of the $100 million lawsuit filed by Hans Niemann against Magnus Carlsen, Chess.com, and others in Missouri has caused ripples within the chess community. This article explores the background of the lawsuit, the allegations made, and the potential impact it may have on the chess world.


The controversy surrounding this lawsuit began when Hans Niemann was accused of cheating during a tournament. Magnus Carlsen, one of the world’s top chess players, raised concerns about Niemann’s rapid rise in the chess world and accused him of cheating during an in-person game. These allegations sparked an investigation into Niemann’s online chess games, with a report suggesting that he may have cheated in over 100 games played online. However, concrete evidence of cheating during in-person games was not provided.

Lawsuit Allegations

In response to these accusations, Niemann filed a $100 million lawsuit against Carlsen, Chess.com, and other defendants. He claimed that they conspired to defame him and exclude him from professional chess competitions. Niemann alleged an attempt to monopolize the competitive chess market by targeting his reputation. The lawsuit included antitrust claims as well as state law claims.

Court Decision

The court dismissed the antitrust claims with prejudice, meaning they cannot be refiled. However, it dismissed the state law claims without prejudice, allowing for possible refiling in a state court. Due to the dismissal of federal claims, the court declined to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over remaining state law claims.

Potential Legal Actions

Following this dismissal, Niemann’s lawyers have stated their intent to pursue defamation claims in a state court. This leaves open the possibility for Niemann to continue his legal battle through alternative legal avenues. He also has the option to appeal the court’s decision to a federal appeals court if he wishes to do so. The outcome of these potential actions remains uncertain.

Overall Impact

The cheating scandal involving Hans Niemann and the subsequent lawsuit has had a significant impact on the chess community. It has brought issues of integrity and fair play to the forefront, prompting discussions on how to prevent and address cheating in chess tournaments. While this particular case has been dismissed, the potential for future legal actions or refiling of claims may alter its outcome. The aftermath of this controversy serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining transparency and upholding fair competition within the chess world.