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FedEx Accused of Largest Odometer Rollback Fraud in US History



FedEx, a prominent shipping company, is facing serious allegations involving the largest odometer rollback fraud in US history. The accusations claim that FedEx replaced the odometers in used vans and sold them with misleading mileage readings. As a result, a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of those who purchased these vehicles, alleging deliberate manipulation to inflate their value.

Allegations and Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, FedEx replaced the original odometers with new ones that started at zero. They then continued using the vans for an extended period before selling them with altered mileage readings. Buyers were under the impression that they were purchasing vehicles with low mileage when, in reality, the actual mileage was sometimes four times higher than indicated.

The fraudulent activity came to light when one buyer noticed a significant discrepancy between the advertised and actual mileage of his FedEx Freightliner. While it showed 180,000 miles on the odometer, it was discovered that the vehicle had actually traveled around 400,000 miles.

Similar complaints from customers across different states have emerged, suggesting widespread issues related to odometer rollbacks within FedEx’s fleet.

Serious Accusations and Legal Claims

FedEx and its affiliated fleet company now find themselves accused of intentionally replacing odometers to artificially increase the vans’ values. The lawsuit includes multiple counts such as odometer fraud, violation of the Federal odometer statute, violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, unjust enrichment, and civil conspiracy.

Investigating Methods and Potential Damages

To investigate this alleged fraud further, techniques such as examining onboard computer data, deposing mechanics involved in vehicle maintenance at FedEx facilities, and subpoenaing sellers of these altered odometers have been suggested through video evidence.

At present, it remains uncertain how many vehicles are affected by this fraudulent activity; however, given FedEx’s extensive fleet size, the number could potentially be substantial. As for potential damages, the outcome of the lawsuit is uncertain, but plaintiffs may seek treble damages under the Federal odometer statute if their claims are successful.

FedEx’s Response

While FedEx has acknowledged the allegations, they have not explicitly denied them. Instead, they have stated their intention to vigorously defend against the lawsuit’s claims. The company’s response leaves room for speculation regarding their involvement in or knowledge of the alleged fraud.


The allegations against FedEx involving the largest odometer rollback fraud in US history are both significant and concerning. The class action lawsuit seeks justice on behalf of those who purchased vans with inaccurate mileage readings. As investigations proceed and legal proceedings unfold, it is crucial to determine the full extent of this fraudulent activity and hold all responsible parties accountable for their actions.