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Timeshare Attorneys: Get Out of Your Contract Now

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What Does a Timeshare Attorney Do?

Are you considering buying a timeshare or already own one? You may want to know what a timeshare attorney does. A timeshare lawyer is a legal expert who specializes in consumer protection laws and regulations related to timeshares. They provide legal counsel and representation to clients who have issues with their timeshare contracts.

Experienced timeshare attorneys can help clients get out of unwanted timeshare contracts or resolve disputes with timeshare companies. If you own a resort timeshare, resort timeshare lawyers are knowledgeable about the specific laws and regulations that apply to these types of properties.

If you’re facing legal action from a timeshare company, you may need the services of a timeshare defense attorney. They can help protect your rights and ensure that your interests are represented in court.

Hiring an attorney for your timeshares can be costly, but it’s important to consider the benefits they offer. With their expertise, they can help you navigate complex legal matters related to your property ownership.

When to Hire a Timeshare Attorney

Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Timeshare Lawyer

Hiring a timeshare attorney can be a smart move when you’re dealing with issues related to your timeshare property. However, not all attorneys are created equal, and it’s essential to look out for red flags when hiring one. Here are some warning signs that you should watch out for:

  • Upfront Fees: If an attorney asks for upfront fees before providing any services, it’s probably best to steer clear. Reputable lawyers typically work on a contingency basis where they only get paid if they win the case.

  • No Experience: Make sure the attorney has experience in handling timeshare cases. You don’t want someone who is new to this area of law representing you.

  • Unrealistic Promises: Be wary of lawyers who make unrealistic promises or guarantees about the outcome of your case. No lawyer can guarantee a specific result.

  • Lack of Communication: If an attorney takes too long to respond to your calls or emails, it may be a sign that they’re not invested in your case.

Fees Associated with Hiring a Timeshare Lawyer

The fees associated with hiring a timeshare lawyer vary depending on several factors like the complexity of the case, location, and experience level of the attorney. Some attorneys charge hourly rates while others work on contingency fees.

Contingency fees mean that the lawyer gets paid only if they win the case or reach a settlement. The fee is usually a percentage (typically 30% – 50%) of what you recover from the lawsuit. With hourly rates, you pay for every hour worked by the lawyer regardless of whether or not they win.

Reasons Why You May Need a Timeshare Attorney

  1. Misrepresentation or Pressure Tactics: If you feel like you were misled into buying your timeshare through misrepresentation or pressure tactics, you may need a timeshare attorney.

How to Find a Reputable Timeshare Attorney

If you’re facing legal issues related to your timeshare, it’s essential to find an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of law. However, with so many options out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here are some tips on how to find a reputable timeshare attorney:

Look for an Experienced Attorney with a Proven Track Record in Timeshare Law

When searching for a resort timeshares lawyer, experience is key. Look for an attorney who has been practicing timeshare law and contract for several years and has a proven track record of success. Be sure to ask about their experience handling cases like yours and what kind of outcomes they have achieved.

Seek Out Referrals from Other Timeshare Owners Who Have Successfully Used an Experienced Lawyer

One of the best ways to find a reputable timeshare attorney is through referrals from other timeshare owners who have faced similar legal issues. Ask around in online forums or social media groups dedicated to timeshares or vacation ownership. You can also check reviews on lawyer directories and websites like Avvo or Martindale-Hubbell.

Consider Working with a Reputable Firm Like Robertson Law Associates That Specializes in Timeshare Law

Another option is working with a reputable law firm that specializes in timeshare law, such as Robertson Law Associates. A specialized firm will have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with all aspects of timeshares and vacation ownerships.

Do Your Research and Verify the Attorney’s Credentials and Experience Before Hiring Them

Before hiring any lawyer, it’s crucial to do your research and verify their credentials and experience. Check their website, read their reviews, and look up any disciplinary actions taken against them by the state bar association.

Common Legal Issues Faced by Timeshare Owners

Timeshare ownership can be an excellent way to enjoy a vacation property without the high cost of outright ownership. However, timeshare owners often face legal issues related to their timeshare contracts and disputes with timeshare companies.

Unwanted Timeshares

One of the most common problems faced by timeshare owners is unwanted timeshares. Many people purchase a timeshare only to find out later that it does not meet their needs or expectations. Unfortunately, getting out of a timeshare contract can be challenging, as many contracts are designed to be difficult to cancel or exit. A timeshare attorney can help you navigate the complex world of timeshare law and assist you in canceling your unwanted timeshare.

Disputes with Timeshare Companies

Another common issue faced by timeshare owners is disputes with their timeshare company. These disputes can range from billing errors to disagreements over maintenance fees or amenities. A skilled attorney experienced in handling disputes with timeshares can help you negotiate a resolution or take legal action if necessary.

Timeshare Mortgages

Many people finance their purchase of a timeshare through a mortgage loan, which adds another layer of complexity to the process. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage on your vacation property, it is essential to seek legal advice promptly. A seasoned attorney who specializes in this area of law can help you understand your options and guide you through the process.

Timesharing Cancellation and Exit

If you decide that owning a vacation property no longer suits your lifestyle, you can legally exit your contract. However, these processes require specific knowledge and experience in dealing with the complex rules surrounding vacation ownership cancellation procedures. An experienced attorney specializing in this area will have the knowledge and expertise to help you legally exit your timeshare contract.

Alternatives to hiring a timeshare attorney

In summary, hiring a timeshare attorney should be considered when facing complex legal issues related to timeshares. However, some alternatives can also be explored before taking this step.

Firstly, contacting the timeshare company directly and attempting to negotiate a resolution may save time and money. Secondly, seeking guidance from consumer protection agencies or organizations such as the Better Business Bureau can provide valuable information on how to handle disputes with timeshare companies.

Lastly, educating oneself on common legal issues faced by timeshare owners can help prevent future conflicts and improve decision-making.

Remember that making informed decisions is key when dealing with any legal matter related to timeshares.


Q: Can I cancel my timeshare contract without hiring an attorney?

A: Yes, you may have the right to cancel your contract within a certain timeframe depending on state laws and the terms of your agreement. I’m reaching out to the timeshare company directly or seeking guidance from consumer protection agencies to help in this process.

Q: How do I know if I need a timeshare attorney?

If you are facing complex legal issues related to your resort timeshare and have attempted negotiating with the company or seeking guidance from consumer protection agencies without success, consider hiring resort timeshare lawyers.

Q: What should I look for in a reputable timeshare attorney?

A: Look for attorneys with experience handling cases specific to timeshares and who have positive reviews from previous clients. It is also important to ensure they are licensed in your state and offer transparent pricing structures.

Q: What are some common legal issues faced by timeshare owners?

A: Common issues include difficulty cancelling contracts, unexpected fees or assessments, misrepresentations made during sales presentations, and disputes over property usage rights.

Q: Can I sell my timeshare without hiring an attorney?